Ship Management

Ship management has become a main activity of FRESTI and the quality of the render services in this activity have a special meaning either at crew manager as technical manager of the ships.

The ships under our management require a full commitment from our organization in order to improve dynamically the quality of the services provided to Shipowners.

Since the begin FRESTI have learnt the importance of being closer to ship owner and to achieve the Safest, Most Environmentally Sound and Cost-Effective Ship Operations by emphasizing the role of Research and Development, Education & Training and Innovation.

The secret of our success in this field of business can be explained by the following main factors:

- Our personal relationship with the Shipowners and a flexible response to Shipowners demands;

- Our capability to introduce in our management system and our good practices the results achieved from our Research and Technology Development activity;

- Our ability to innovate and to update and to re-engineer the processes of Shipmanagement in order to achieve and maintain an effective operational compliance without to increase the investments and the running costs.

Seafarer´s application

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