The Company’s office force on researchers and experts establish a high potential of technical knowledge, which allows the development of the activity area for Consultancy.

Here are some examples of consultancy work carried out:

- Studies of the Port and Terminal accessibility;

- Study and cost / benefit Analysis for the Gas freeing and washing of River Tagus barges.

- Study for the Optimization of the Refined Products Supply Chain from the Portuguese Mainland to the Azores Islands, Commissioned by the Regional Government of Azores.

- Study of the impact and Risk Analysis of the LNG terminal for Portuguese Electricity Production

- Operational Conditions of the Andalusia fishing fleet, in cooperation with CETEMAR, 1993

- Rentability of the Asturian fishing fleet, in cooperation with CETEMAR, 1993-1994

- Consultancy for the implementation of the International Safety Management Code and STCW 78/95 in Shipping Companies.

- Studies and Risk Analysis in Maritime and Ports area.

- Study and Development of the Professional Profiles of all ranks and ratings in the Portuguese Merchant and Fishing Marine-Commissioned by the Portuguese Administration.

- Consulting in the area of Environmental Management System, Commissioned by the Local Administrations.

- Consultancy in the implementation of the VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management Information Services) in the Portuguese Coast and Port Areas.