Education & Training

One of major Fresti activities is Education and Training.

The objective is to develop professional education and training courses, namely advanced courses to high and medium level managers.

Fresti developed some courses that were recognized in the market as standards courses of very high quality. That can only happen with a permanent up-to-date knowledge of the changes in technological and commercial aspects that are occurring around the world.

Sometimes these courses are made under the auspices of other entities. Since the beginning that the work of Fresti, in this field, was so well accepted that these entities have given their vote of trust through Fresti’ s mention in the “white book” of Portuguese ports and shipping, being Fresti the only private shareholder company deserving such reference.

Here are some examples of Education and Training courses:

- Familiarization in the scope of the ISPS code;

- Preventive Maintenance;

- Handling bulk cargoes;

- Maritime Insurance;

- Flags of Convenience and Open Registers ;

- Charter Parties;

- Cargo Damage;

- Maritime Safety;

- Cost Control in Shipping Management;

- Maritime Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in bulk;

- Several courses promoted by Seafarers Unions.

Best Practices

During all this years Fresti developed great quality of service and organization. Get to know all the Ship Management Best Practices.